The Future is Virtual (TFIV) is an hour long weekly live futurist podcast about all the ways VR is shaping tomorrow. Social issues, entertainment, ethics — we go beyond the technology to understand who we are and where we’re going. Hosted by Chadwick Turner and Dekker Dreyer TFIV stares head-on into what reality means when you can make your own.

Live video stream Wednesdays at 4pm (p) / 7pm (e) on Facebook.


An immersive media consultant, strategist and believer. Starting with his role at Amazon and evolving to his current role at Circle Reality, Chadwick has been at the epicenter of how virtual & augmented reality is shaping commerce and art in the 21st century.


FX guru, video game producer and television presenter.


Writer, filmmaker, entertainment futurist. Dreyer is the chief creative officer of entertainment studio Clever Fox and continues to push the boundaries of storytelling in immersive media.


Ceven Grey is a musician, producer, writer, designer and event promoter.  For ten years he has owned and operated his own record label, design lab, film studio and art gallery.  Ceven is an accomplished musician and music producer, whose music and remixes have been heard worldwide.  He has produced over 300 events (from 150 attendees to 150,000), franchised a national radio program, and managed his own restaurant.  He is currently the owner and creative director at Seven Ghosts:  a flourishing music, film, virtual reality and design company here in Los Angeles; ARQADE Studios:  an immersive gallery space and art collective; and JADE:  a cannabis company.  In his spare time he enjoys reading Kipling novels to his adopted daughters Basil and Lily, his rescue cats.